>learning to ride a bike…



Each and every one of our girls has taken their sweet time when it came to learning to ride a bike.  I guess it’s because we don’t spend a lot of time riding bikes or maybe it’s because we keep so busy.  Or maybe they just weren’t real motivated to get the learning down. 

Or maybe, just maybe they are all chicken. 

One thing is for sure.  Teaching them to ride a bike is not my department.  My theory is, my dad taught me, and their dad can teach them.  I’ll just take pictures.  That’s my job. 

Yesterday, SuperGirl came home from AWANA and announced that she was going to learn to ride her bike once and for all. 

And she did. 


Now we need to work on braking and stopping. 


It’s a good thing we have a long, long street so there’s not need for much of that.



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