>april showers bring…



Indoor picnics!

Our Sunday school class has a wonderful fellowship planner.  She gets things done and is so smart.  Smarter than me.  I’d been thinking for weeks that it was a shame that our class had planned an indoor picnic in April.  The weather has been beautiful.  Clear skies.  Warm weather.  It just seemed like picnic weather.

Until Sunday.  We woke up to thunder, lightning, rain, and cooler temperatures. 

And instead of scrambling around, trying to figure out if we should reschedule or try to move the picnic, we very calmly and happily brought our quilts, desserts, and side dishes into the gym, where we’d planned on picnicking all along. 

I definitely had my fill of the homemade rolls and macaroons and blueberry pie and the different slaws and cookies!  And I probably don’t need to tell you that I came straight home, crawled in bed, and thoroughly enjoyed a rainy day nap. 

What a perfect day!


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