>make new friends… but keep the old…



Over spring break we left town to go visit old friends.  I think I just called P old.  Well, I’m old, so I guess that makes her old, too.  Goodness knows, having children the age we were when we became friends makes me feel old! 

And would you just look at that picture and see how much taller Summer is than me?  Wow, any denial I was in about her being taller than me is gone now… I’m old AND short!

You can only imagine how much chatting went on in this house in the 24 hours we were there.  Seven females and P’s poor hubby. Talk, talk, talk.  I swear my jaw hurt when I left. We covered everything from families to teenagers to high school friends. P went to her high school reunion a few months ago… and we stayed up until the AM hours looking at yearbooks and talking about people we knew.

The girls jumped right in to playing and hanging out with each other.  There was talking, playing, coloring, movie watching, stair sliding, and marshmallow shooting all day!  We went to dinner at the coolest place.  It was a hibachi grill.  The girls were wide-eyed and had a ball.  The food was great!  We are definitely going to have to try that again. 

Our visit was too short.  We just don’t get the opportunity to visit as much as I’d like, but I’m so glad we can just pop in on this family and get my fill of fellowship and friendship! 


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