>happy 42nd birthday, hubs!



Mar 14 2010_4840 Mar 14 2010_5169

What could be more appropriate than a 42 party for a man who is turning 42?  A SURPRISE 42 party for a man who is turning 42.  Planning this was so much fun.  He had no idea.  NO.IDEA.  Do you know how hard it is to get something past this guy?  Funny thing is, SuperGirl was surprised, too.  Nope.  We didn’t tell her a thing.  So it was kind of like getting two for one on the surprise!

As you can see, the theme was 42, as in the domino game.  I spent the whole week looking for these cheap wooden black and white dominoes to decorate the cupcakes with only to find out my mother had a set the whole time.  She’s so handy to have around!  We even found black and white polka dotted napkins to go along!  (I know Hubby really appreciated the polka dotted napkins, haha.)

Mar 14 2010_4829

Mar 14 2010_4842

I invited our whole Sunday school class, our parents, and Hubby’s aunt and uncle to meet us at a local restaurant for burgers and dominoes.  Turns out, this place isn’t very busy on Sunday afternoons so we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  And that is a good thing because the “SURPRISE” they yelled would have scared everyone else away.  Hubby was stunned.  Speechless.  It was great! 

Everyone enjoyed burgers, cupcakes, fellowship, and some domino playing, which we haven’t done in 42 forevers.  I’m so thankful we have such sweet, fun friends and family who came out to celebrate the day with us.  Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Mar 14 2010_4831  Mar 14 2010_4844 Mar 14 2010_4833 Mar 14 2010_4835 Mar 14 2010_4836 Mar 14 2010_4837   Mar 14 2010_4843 Mar 14 2010_5165 Mar 14 2010_5171Mar 14 2010_5168


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