>houston livestock show and rodeo



Mar 08 2010_4876

Thanks to a very generous friend, we acquired four tickets to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this year to see Tim McGraw.  She asked if anyone would be interested and I jumped on those tickets F*A*S*T!  Summer had dance class so the rest of us loaded up and headed down to H-town to see a little cowboy action and some smelly animals!  Thank goodness most everything is indoors because the wind and chill were crazy that day!  And also, thank goodness we brought our own photographer with us so we could have a family picture taken in front of Reliant Stadium!

Mar 08 2010_4875

We got there with just enough time to make a run through to see the steers, bunnies, chickens, and sheep.  SuperGirl really wanted to feed the animals in the petting zoo, so we did that, too, just before feeding ourselves on the food concourse.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Where to even start there?  I really wanted to stop in at the deep fried Twinkies, but we moved on to the taco hamburger and ginormous burrito smothered in cheese.  Of course, I saved a little room for a funnel cake.  And a sausage on a stick.  And a couple bottles of water.  Hey, I didn’t want to add calories with a Coke.  Don’t judge me.

Mar 08 2010_4892 Mar 08 2010_4919

One of my most favorite events of the rodeo evening is the calf scramble.  I’m such an emotional sap, cheering on kids I don’t even know and getting so excited when they pull their calf back into the middle.  This poor girl got dragged… and dragged… and she wrestled that calf into the halter.  Then the calf got dragged… and dragged… back toward the center.  The girl was exhausted.  And then, here’s what I love about the spirit of the rodeo, three of her competitors helped push, prod, and shove that calf in for her.  When the two of them crossed the line, this poor girl collapsed on the dirt, spent.  And I was up the stands, cheering like I was her own mother.  I need help.

Mar 08 2010_4930

After all the rodeo-ing was done, the broncs, the bulls, the chuck wagon races, the barrel racing, and the bull dogging, they brought out the stage and one very handsome singer came out.  I’ve always liked Tim McGraw.  He seemed very down to earth and humble.  And he even came off that stage and made his way around the perimeter of the entire floor of the Reliant Stadium, shaking hands, and waving at fans.  It was a great way to end the evening… even though he sang a George Strait song and forgot some of the words!  Hubby spent the whole concert waiting for Faith to make an appearance.  And SuperGirl, I think she’s a fan of concerts now.  She clapped and waved and screamed until her throat hurt.  It was so cute when she asked, “Do I have to keep screaming?” 

Mar 08 2010_4938

It was a great family evening.  Thank you so much for the night out, friend!  We sure enjoyed it!


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