>i don’t know how they do it



parents of chronically ill children, that is. supergirl has been sick for a week now. in that short period of time there have been ups and downs. a diagnosis and getting better and then a setback and nothing but questions. we have seen or talked to four different doctors. and while i know sweet supergirl is not chronically ill or even seriously ill, my heart is breaking for her.

the medicine we got tonight “tastes gross” is “horrible” and she “just can’t take it” at all. we tried tonight for an hour before she finally got the medicine down. she was in tears. i was in tears. daddy was worn down. she’s more splotchy than before. and i have a migraine.

just looking at her sweet little face all covered in red splotches makes me weep. we had to go to a few public places today and it was all i could do to keep her face covered or hidden from others. the lady in walgreens actually asked what she was having an allergic reaction to.

tonight, after getting the medicine in her i gave her an oatmeal bath and then rubbed on soothing aveeno lotion to help relax her and help her sleep. just looking at how much of her body is still affected surprised me. and when i went to brush her hair, she looked in the mirror and gasped at her own reflection. what a dagger to the heart…

tomorrow we have an appointment with her regular doctor. hopefully the medicine we got tonight will have a significant impact on whatever this is that is going on in her little body. pray it goes away. pray she regains her appetite. pray she is her normal, happy, healthy self again real, real soon.

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