>the patient


> What a week it has been around here! Early last week, SuperGirl came down with a bout of gastritis. It went on for two days and she was unable to get much food or fluid into her already very small body. On the third day, she just seemed to feel really, really bad so I decided to take her in to see her doctor. After a couple of lab tests, they determined she was dehydrated and decided to give her some IV fluids.

It was at this point that Momma started to get worried. She’d had a flu shot in the not so distant past and it was nothing short of a disaster. The screaming and yelling and carrying on was HORRIBLE and I just didn’t know how it was going to go over, putting a needle in her arm and leaving it there… I pulled the nurse aside and told her about the needle fear and she was very sweet and gentle, calling in reinforcements and explaining what she was doing without using the word “needle.” SuperGirl was very brave (and very sick, which probably helped) and the nurses got her all settled without any trouble.

Poor thing. She just kept holding my hand. And putting my hand on hers. She watched a bit of cable TV which was quite a treat and we enjoyed a very quiet 90 minutes while her body rehydrated. We finished up at the clinic and headed home where she promptly got sick again and we decided that living on Gatorade and watching Veggie Tales for another few days might be okay.

Later the next day, she decided that eating might be on the agenda for the day. This made me happy, knowing that wanting to eat was half the battle. What did she ask for? SALAMI. Really? That is not something I’d think a person who hadn’t eaten in three days would want. I told her to think of something that would be good for her tummy, maybe something with high water content (like applesauce or 7Up?). She said, “Mommy, salami has water in it.”

Really? Hmm… Okay, SuperGirl, you’re going to have to think of something a little more healthy than that… peaches, popsicle, crackers, toast, banana…

“Mommy. I want cheese wrapped up in salami.”

She wasn’t going to win this one. So I made her some soup and served it up with crackers and Jell-O. Even with being a bit hungry, she didn’t eat much. We decided that playing soccer on Saturday would be out and that maybe a couple of days of recovery would be just what she needed. She was okay with that and Saturday proved to be uneventful.

Until Saturday night. She broke out with some kind of rash that rapidly progressed to cover her entire back and chest. It was almost like a vest. Her eyes swelled a little bit and she itched. We called the nurse line and were told to give her Benadryl and check her again in the morning. Momma barely slept and SuperGirl slept rather fitfully. We woke tired on Sunday morning and the rash was practically gone. But in a matter of an hour, there was the rash again… in a different place.

We made a trip to the urgent care clinic and were told it was not strep but not much else. That visit was probably one of the worst I’ve had as far as waiting and not being taken care of by the doctor. (BTW, I have lodged a complaint about the care.) We came home, took more Benadryl and have decided to wait this thing out.

SuperGirl is now covered practically from head to toe with the rash. She has taken three naps today (thanks to the Benadryl I’m sure) and is trying her hardest not to scratch. I’ve listened to a Dr. Seuss video four times now. I think I’d rather return to the Veggie Tales marathon we had earlier this week!!

So, if you’ve gotten all the way to the end of this post, please say a prayer for SuperGirl. Poor thing looks and feels terrible. I feel awful because I can’t make it better for her. And I’m trusting that God is in control because I feel so very out of control here.


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