>blasted facebook


>It’s ruined my blogging. My journaling has been reduced to status updates like…

  • “is opening the windows.”
  • “whodunnit? it was the mother… with the missing book… in the closet. i win.”
  • “tomorrow is the first day of fall!!”

To be fair, I shouldn’t blame it all on Facebook. Twitter has a hand in it, too.

  • “Said goodbye to Colin, Min, Ryan, and Nannie. Drowning sorrows at Container Store.”
  • “Waiting to help jump a stranger’s car… They (3 guys) can’t figure out how to open the hood. Ha!!”
  • “Driving through Houston with a plastic bag stuck to the grill of my car.”

Really, there is more to me and my life than these piddly little status updates. But life has gotten so busy and I haven’t made time to get my thoughts in order for blogging. It’s sad, because blogging helps me remember… a moment, a feeling, a funny thing said or done. I have found myself thinking in short phrases instead of stories and complete thoughts.

And I don’t like it. I’d like to remember more about funny things like changing that stranger’s tire. Or moments of missing my precious family who lives so far away. Or the laughter and frustration over finding a lost book. I’m so busy that I’m not feeling. And I want to feel those emotions…

happy… sad… lonely… silly… sentimental… in the moment… noticing the little things and then exploring what makes me feel the way I do about those things…

Maybe I’ll be better about this blogging thing. Maybe not.

One thing I do know… this felt good!!


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