>10 on tuesday


>When I left yesterday morning, I had three girls. When I returned home, I had two girls and two boys! I got to hang out with Sweet Baby and his big brother yesterday. When they went home, I was EXHAUSTED. We had a lot of fun, and now I have even more respect for his momma. I am now convinced that I am too old to have any more babies. So. After our day together, I thought I would share what we did.

Here are 10 things I did yesterday with Sweet Baby that I never did with three girls.

1. Banged blocks together. For 15 minutes at a time.

2. Built block towers and crashed them down – giggling, squealing, running, crashing.

3. Broke up a tug-of-war over a stuffed monkey – between Sweet Baby and the dog. They each had a monkey leg in their mouth! (Sorry, AW.)

4. Retrieved Sweet Baby from the inside of the dog kennel where he was… eating a dog toy. (Again, sorry!)

5. Banged on the garage door to see how it sounded.

6. Banged on the bricks to see how THAT sounded.

7. Banged on the car doors to see how loud that was.

8. Banged rocks together, trying different sizes, and then banging them on the concrete.

9. Run rocks through dead plants like cars.

10. Banged rocks on the cat to see the sound it would make.

We had such a fun day. The day started off with donuts and ended with pizza. I think there might have been a trip to Sonic happy hour and chocolate cake in there somewhere, too. And maybe popsicles?

I didn’t know for the bulk of the day that we had shoes in the bag so we’d been keeping everyone indoors – too many stickers in our yard. Once I realized we had shoes, we headed outside where we explored the flower beds, watered the plants, played in the hose, played in the dirt, and got very sweaty. We ended our day with a cold drink in the rocking chairs and then a loooooong bath. Someone slept really well last night… and I don’t mean Sweet Baby.


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  1. >I'm learning all these things myself. Anson finally started playing with his toys rather than just throwing them across the room to hear the sound they make. He still throws most everything he can get his hands on, but thankfully there are a few moments of silence mixed in. I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

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