>thoughts on a saturday morning


>this blueberry and cream cheese butter braid sure tastes good. (thank you, kim!)
and it goes nicely with this fresh cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer.
if i stopped drinking coffee, i’d probably lose 10 pounds.

i think my cat is losing her voice.
is that possible?

the double knockout roses that hubby planted this morning sure look pretty.
and happy to be in the ground.

the veggie garden is dying a slow death.
all that’s left are a couple of non-producing tomato plants and pitiful pepper plants.
the morning glories are doing fine, no thanks to the deer.
and the rosemary bush is humongous.
looking at what you pay for that stuff in the store, i could make a killing off that one bush.

pickles is home from summer camp.
i think she grew a couple of inches.
there wasn’t anything green growing on her teeth.
but she didn’t brush her hair.
because she’d already packed her hairbrush the night before.
but that was okay, because she didn’t stink.

summer leaves for youth camp on monday.
she’s worried that her friends will sing happy birthday to her.
for the six hour ride there.
i’m glad i’m staying home.
but i’ll miss her like crazy.
and she’d better not grow at all.
because she’s now officially passed me up.

that new phone summer got for her birthday (a little early) is buzzing nonstop.
with texted birthday wishes (though it’s not until tomorrow).
and messages of “hey, here’s my phone number, too!”
summer is going to need physical therapy to uncurl her fingers.

supergirl and pickles have a clean room. (thank you, angela!)
it’s stayed that way for two days.
and all laundry has made it into a basket.
i’m hopeful.
but i’m not holding my breath.

i feel motivated (sort of) to attack the laundry room today.
but i’d rather go to the fitness club.
and sit by the pool.

hubby is working today.
and i miss him.


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