>happy camper


> We got this girl up at 5:00 this morning to be at the church on time for a week of summer camp. Pickles slept with me last night and hopped up as soon as the alarm went off. I pulled her back into bed for a few more snuggles before sending her off for f*i*v*e days. This is her first time away – alone – for this long. She has always had her sisters or one of us with her.

Pickles was struggling this morning but she put on a brave face and unloaded her stuff at the church. She quickly met up with her leader (Mrs. Tera!!) and her friends. This little redhead at the front is her buddy for the week. I think they are a lot alike. Both are very sweet, quiet, and homebodies. I hope they take good care of each other.

This week, they are the green team. Can you tell? Pickles has a ton of green stuff packed. She has really gotten into that part of camp! Everything is labeled. Snacks are packed. And there are “happies” for every day tucked in her duffle. I even sent her a camp email this morning so she’ll be sure and have one at the first mail pickup.

Her biggest worry was the bus. No seat belts. I was worried there would be no a/c. Looks like she got a nice ride, though. That bus was packed and they even took a church van and a truck/trailer. There are about 50 kids and 10 leaders. Pray for them this week if you think about it.
And pray for the mommas left behind (and baby sisters, too) who aren’t really handling this whole thing very well. I know she’ll have fun. I know she’ll make new friends. I know she’ll be safe. And I know Jesus will speak to her heart this week. But man, do I love that kid. And I’m going to miss her like crazy.


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