>good morning, blog!



Hello, blog. I’m Shannon. Remember me? You feel like my scrapbooks… neglected and behind and way overdue. I guess I’ll take the same approach with you as I am going to take with the scrapping… start where I am and go back when I can. So where am I?
Well, I must be at an interesting place. Why? Because I asked a friend to text me at 5:25 this morning to get me out of bed. Am I CRAZY?!? Apparently so, because at precisely 5:25 I got this…
“Yawn – good morning.”
Thanks, JB. I stayed there in my bed, in the dark, clutching my iPhone, and willing myself to get up. I texted back a reply, which I hoped was somewhat coherent and cheerful, and forced myself out of bed. On the way to the kitchen, I made a mental list…
  1. Don’t stay up late reading when you know you’re going to get a wake up text in five hours.
  2. Clean room. Or at least the paths to the potty and door.
  3. Buy a quieter coffee pot or settle for grounds and not beans.

Trying to blink back the cobwebs, I sat down to check my e-mail while waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. I’d been on the back porch drinking that first cup and reading my Bible when I realized the deer had been back for another buffet of sunflower plants during the night. Twix sauntered up and flopped on her back, begging to have her cottony white belly rubbed. She even jumped up into my lap and purred contently. We sat for a spell and she was ready to move on. So was I.

Hubby appeared for work as I was pouring my second cup of coffee. After draining my cup, I hit the showers and knocked out a couple of chores. My motivation and reward for finishing those chores was a blog post. It’s the little things, people.

So here I am. I’ve been up for a couple of hours… the quiet passed very quickly. I got a few things done. Even ate breakfast! I’ll knock out a little bit of work before the morning is over.

And you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be taking that power nap this afternoon!


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  1. >Welcome back. I had almost given up, otherwise I would have seen this post two days ago. Please don't wait that long to blog again. I love peeking in on the family.By the way, I can't believe you actually got up that early.

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