>easter 2009


> Easter Sunday 2009. The service was phenomenal. Baptism was moving – we had a little friend get baptized that morning. Everything pointed to the risen savior. After the services, we had lunch with friends and enjoyed not waiting in line at a restaurant. With no evening activities, we decided to have a very relaxing afternoon at home. That is, until we got an invite to an egg hunt at the neighbor’s house.

The moms and dads hid about 14 dozen eggs, plastic filled and confetti filled. They were mostly confetti filled to the kids’ delight! My neighbor’s mother makes them throughout the year and stores them for special occassions and Easter.

SuperGirl had a great time hunting. It’s obvious we don’t do egg hunts often… she walked past so many!

After the egg hunting came time to enjoy their “finds.” We broke so many confetti eggs that the patio was covered in little bitty pieces of paper. And we ALL had confetti and egg shells in our hair!
It was fun sneaking up on each other… and even not being so sneaky, too!
Even dads who don’t like getting their hair messed up got in on the fun. The kids learned real quick to break the egg and then mash the person’s head.

Unless you have a big sister show up. And then you have to bombard her. An all out assault was launched. No sneaking here. Full throttle running toward her with eggs in hand. But you might have to chase her for a while… around the house…

And hope she runs into the parents who are posing as “base”… but who have really set a trap so you can get her!


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