>country fair



Tonight was the Country Fair at the church. It’s rained for two days straight around here – 5 inches according to my garden gnome rain gauge – and it was so nice to see the blue sky and sun for the festivities.

Summer’s dance group was scheduled to dance as part of the entertainment. What a joy it was to see her group dance for His glory on the steps of our Baptist church! Their time slot was a mere 15 minutes and they had a costume change to make, so guess who got to be the MC? Yep. Mom. According to Hubby, I talked really fast and rambled. I thought I sounded like a mouse. Is my voice really that high pitched??? Anyhoo. The girls did a great job dancing.

Our church is hosting a Secret Keeper Girl conference in two weeks. We are trying so hard to get the word out and thought this would be a great platform for it. There is a bicycle, tricycle, anything with wheels parade for the kids and we thought it would be fun to enter a float with the girls to promote the conference. Aren’t they cute?

In other news, Mom and Dad will be back from Florida in 19 days. Not that we are counting or anything. {grin}


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