>ever ridden an elephant?


> There has been this survey going around on Facebook lately, where you check off things you’ve done in your lifetime. There were a good deal of things on there that I haven’t done yet. You know, like been to Hawaii, ridden on a helicopter, seen the Grand Canyon, or stood on the Great Wall of China. But one thing on the list, ridden on an elephant, now THAT, I’ve done! This was not the first time either.

I have a distinct memory of riding on an elephant as a kid. Memory fails me, but I think it was twice. Elephants have a distinct smell. And feel. Their hair is coarse and prickly. And they way they lumber around when they walk just makes for a very… uncomfortable ride.

When we were in Florida for Christmas, we stayed in Orlando with my sister and her family. On Sunday morning, we loaded everything up and went to church before heading back to my grandmother’s house. On the way to Nannie’s, we passed an antique mall and flea market. It was Sunday, so there was a lot going on that day. A lot.

Even pony rides.

And elephant rides.

I took one look at the elephant and looked at Hubby like a little kid, asking if we could go back and ride the elephant.

I’ll be honest. That’s not the way it happened. I said, “We are going back and riding that elephant! I don’t care how much it costs… I am putting my kids up on that stinky, prickly elephant and I am going to ride it with them!”

So we arrived at Nannie’s house. Sister pulled in behind us. BroR pulled in behind her. I got out of the car and asked if anyone else had seen the elephant. No.


How can you miss an ELEPHANT on the side of the road!!

BroR was in. He’s like that. He can be spontaneous. I like that. Hubby wasn’t getting near the smelly animal. So we all loaded up and headed back to the elephant. The rides were $5 per person, but she let us ride as a family for $20. That was one generous Romanian woman, huh? It was worth every penny. I haven’t laughed as hard as that in a long time.

Pickles had a hard time keeping her flipflops on during the ride. BroR couldn’t bend his legs at all. And the commentary coming from the back of the elephant was hysterical. I just remember turning around at one point and asking him if he was done having kids, because having another may prove difficult after riding up there. Summer had the front of the elephant and was practically in the splits over the back of its head. We really did have a lot of fun laughing and cutting up up there.

And then we went home, washed our hands several times, and tried not to smell each other for the rest of the day.


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