>four strikes and a spare


>What a fun night! Our youth department is awesome. This is the second family night of the year and we have had an incredible time at both! The first one was the Amazing Race. Hubby, Summer, Giggles, and I were a team. For those of you not local, I haven’t changed the name of a kid to Giggles… she’s not in our family, but pretty close! We came in a very, VERY close second in that race. I have no idea how the first place team passed us up at the last minute, but they did, and we came in second.

So this time, we were pretty fired up about making a run for the trophy. We all LIKE to bowl. But not all of us are that good at it. Let’s just say that some of us should stick to… dancing. Even with the bumper guards for the younger two, we didn’t come in first.

BUT! We did come in third overall and won a gift card. We also won the contest for the most creative team name. We were “Four Strikes and a Spare.” I think we should have also gotten a prize for taking the longest to come up with a name. Seriously. It took all night.

We shared a lane with the C family and we all had a ball. Here are some pics from the night…


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