>lots of cousins


I really wish my family lived closer together. Living in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia just doesn’t lend itself to a lot of family gatherings. I love family. There’s just something about the sense of being… related. This is a fun group of cousins. There are only four of us here. Together, we have nine children here. No one can seem to figure out what to call them… second cousins… great cousins… first cousins once removed. It doesn’t matter. They are all related… and they enjoyed being together. The oldes one, who is 16, said this Christmas was the best one ever – and not because of her presents, but because everyone was… together.

Nannie was a little sad that there were two cousins who weren’t there. Maybe next time.

Here’s the whole crew. We took a ton of pictures without my dad because he had to work. We were going to PhotoShop him in at the end. And then, just as everyone was getting ready to go in 20 different directions… he came home! And we dragged all those kids back out and made them line up and smile… one more time.

I love this picture. It’s just not often enough that we are all in the same place.


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