>special quilts from aunt ginny



My family is blessed to have two quilt makers. One is my mother-in-law. She is one of the most meticulous, precise quilters ever. She does a lot by hand and it just amazes me… especially since I can’t do anything in a straight line (cutting, sewing, walking…). The other quilter is my Aunt Ginny. She made me a quilt in 1987 around the time she started quilting – and I still use it. In fact, it is the first quilt Hubby goes for when it gets cold. I love how soft it has gotten, the spots where the fabric has frayed a bit, and the little tag with her name on it.

Aunt Ginny collects fabric and quilt rolls like I do scrapbook paper, only she actually makes things! She is always sewing or taking a class on sewing. For Christmas, she made each of the girls their own quilt. I was completely surprised that she did that. The fabrics seem to “fit” each girl and they are kid-sized which is perfect for them! Thank you, Aunt Ginny, for gift they’ll treasure forever.


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