>christmas morning – with my sister



After what seemed like forever and two days, my sister and her family arrived. We were so anxious to see her, her hubby, and BabyC.

Let’s keep it real… we were anxious to see BabyC!

Once they arrived, we brought in all the gifts and commenced to making a complete and total disaster of Nannie’s house. I always get so worried that we are going to throw something important away in a mess like that! The girls got some cute things… Summer got the cool slipper boot things she was dying to have. Nannie got a digital picture frame loaded with tons of old and new pictures. I got a new lens for my camera, which I had been hoping for for some time. This is going to sound silly, but I think my most favorite gift was a mug from BabyC. It had the picture of him and my girls from the ElfYourself video. Every time I use it, I smile.

Being with everyone was such a treat. That evening, we had plans to head over to my Aunt Ginny’s house for dinner and to visit with the rest of the family. But for the rest of the afternoon, this is what we did…


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