>how does santa deliver gifts when there’s no chimney?


>Santa Cannot Deliver Packages
Without a Chimney

By Elfin Claws

It has been reported that Santa cannot deliver packages to children in Mount Dora if their house does not contain a fireplace and chimney. Special arrangements have been made by the Elves to attach small parachutes to the packages and Santa will drop the packages as close to the house as possible. All children should stay indoors to keep from getting hit by the falling packages between the hours of 12 Christmas Eve and 9 am Christmas day. Children are encouraged to search the area around the house for their packages, that is, IF they have been good. Santa is aware that because of the many trees in the area, some packages and parachutes may get caught in the trees. Parents are to help their children retrieve the packages because Santa would feel terrible if one of the children was hurt climbing a tree. The last thing Santa said as he climbed into his sleigh was Merry Christmas and then he laughed Ho-Ho-Ho. This reporter noticed that Santa has not lost any weight this year and his belly still shook like a bowl full of jelly!


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