>chex mix making marathon


>I’m going to back up and bit and try to cover the last month in chronological order. I’ll spread it out over several days so you don’t get overwhelmed. We’ll start here, with the Chex Mix Making Marathon. Because everyone in my house likes something different and because I am such a nice mom/wife, I decided to fill all the requests for Chex Mix all the while packing for a week long trip to Florida and Christmas away from home.

First up was the Puppy Chow. Really, couldn’t they have come up with a better name? I realize it looks like Puppy Chow, but who wants to eat something with a name like that? If it didn’t have chocolate AND peanut butter in it, I probably never would have tried it. And now I think, gee, if the name puts someone off it’s okay, because I really don’t want to share… This was one of Summer’s requests.

Next up was the traditional Chex Mix. This was Hubby’s request. His exact words were, “I’d like to have some Chex Mix for the road. You know, to munch on while I’m driving all night to get you to your family… and I really like YOUR Chex Mix so much better than the store bought kind.” How could I refuse that? The man got a big batch of homemade Chex Mix.

My helpers helped bag it all up when it cooled off. What good helpers I have…
Here is SuperGirl, stirring up the last batch of Chex Mix. Summer requested this one, “Mrs. Andrea’s Chex Mix” but she didn’t know it was already on my radar. It’s called Holiday Mix, but The Straight to the Hips Mix would be a more accurate name. Really, it’s sticky, so you might as well just stick it on your hips and butt. The recipe says to give it away as fast as you can. It should also include the warning, “IF you can.”

We had to get a container from the garage to mix this one up. I just didn’t have a bowl big enough and it makes a lot. We gave away a little bit and took the rest to Florida. And I wonder why my pants won’t fit… Can you SEE how good this is? Oh.my.goodness. I could eat my weight in Holiday Mix.

So everyone had the Chex Mix their little hearts desired. We weren’t on the road an hour when I smelled peanut butter… the kids found the Puppy Chow. A few hours later, Hubby had to decide between a sandwich and Chex Mix. When we arrived at Nannie’s house, there were only a few crumbs left. Hubby and I ate it all night long. And I hid the Holiday Mix at my feet. I only shared once we got it to my sister’s house. We finally decided that yes, Holiday Mix could be breakfast… after all, it DOES have cereal in it!


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  1. >Original and choc/pb for our holidays too! I call it Monkey Munch instead of Puppy Chow. Learned that from John and Kate on TLC. Monkey Munch is more fun to say!

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